The Toronto Chinatown Business Improvement Area (CBIA) is a not-for-profit community based City of Toronto agency and was established in 2007.  It is one of the 81 Business Improvement Areas created by the City.  It was formed by the area’s commercial property owners and tenants, along with Trinity-Spadina’s City Councillor Ceta Ramkhalawansingh. As a City agency, CBIA adheres to guidelines and recommendations from the City of Toronto.  In addition, CBIA works closely with all three levels of the government, area residents, community groups, other BIAs and the private sector to build a strong Chinatown community.

The key purposes of CBIA are to preserve the Chinese heritage and culture, improve on Chinatown’s streetscape, health and safety, and to create exciting community events and projects to promote the area and draw hundreds of thousands of annual visitors and locals to eat, shop and explore the neighbourhood.  By increasing the desirability of Chinatown, more employment opportunities and new businesses will also be continually attracted to the area to enhance on the existing vibrancy and tenancy mix.

CBIA geographic boundaries run from north to south on Spadina Avenue between College Street and Sullivan Street and from east to west on Dundas Street West between Augusta Avenue to Beverly Street; and Huron Street between D’Arcy Street and Dundas Street West.  Therefore, all commercial property owners and tenants within the boundaries are members of CBIA. 

The funding of CBIA comes strictly from the area’s commercial property owners (who pay a special levy to the City of Toronto), sponsorships, and donations.

CBIA is run by an Honorary Board consisting of 19 member-elected Board of Directors (BOD), that has been approved by the City Council.  The Board’s term runs parallel to the term of City Council, and hold an election every four years.  (Please see Board of Management for current list of Directors.)  BOD head up various committees like Policing and Liason, PR & Marketing, Health and Safety, Chinese New Year Festivities, Chinatown Festival, etc on a pro-bono basis and dedicate much of their personal time to ensure Chinatown is a must-visit locale in Toronto.

The CBIA office is located in the heart of downtown Chinatown – the north east corner of Dundas Street West, along Spadina Avenue. It is mainly staffed by three full-time personnel, and supported by volunteers.